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Common Beliefs on How to Cheat on Homework

❶No matter what topic a student should cover, the world of internet will offer a quick solution. A decade after the Great Recession, the U.

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And think about your friend who did the homework correctly, was a good student, and will face the same punishment as you. It's probably better to just do the work, and it'll take just as long as figuring out where to get the answers, finding the answers, copying the answers, and obscuring your answers. Think about getting tutoring help instead. Many schools offer after-school homework help that will make the homework easier, by providing someone to help you figure it out, but without the possibility of getting into trouble over it.

If you've been in trouble for cheating in the past, this can also be a great way of showing your teachers that you're turning over a new leaf. Online tutoring even exists in some places. Some college students will sometimes answer homework questions or offer assistance online, sometimes for a price. Skip everything but the first and last sentence of each paragraph.

If you've got to read the textbook or a novel really fast for class, you need to be smart about it and get through it as much as possible. One of the fastest ways to get a sense of the major concepts and the scope of the book without really reading it is to read the first and last sentence of each paragraph. You'll miss a lot, yes, but you'll at least have flown over the mountains and seen them from above.

Skip everything but the vocab words in a textbook. The skipping-around method tends to work better with textbooks, in which the actual explanations aren't that important, but the names and the vocab words are. You can read the textbook very fast this way, and not miss much information. Alternatively, depending on the kind of class, it might be better to read the first and last chapter of a novel, or focus all your attention on a single small part of the book and bring it up in class, to look as if you've read the whole thing and are prepared for discussion.

Skip to the chapter summary in the textbook. Instead of struggling through reading a whole chapter in the textbook, skip to the end. Most chapters usually have short summaries of the chapter at the end, so you can know exactly what it is you should have learned by reading the chapter, without actually having to read the chapter.

You will also usually get a list of the vocabulary words, some sample test questions, and other good information. It's not even really cheating, just smart reading. The classic friend of the lazy reader: Cliff's Notes, Spark Notes, or other shortened summaries of long classics, available at most bookstores and libraries. Even if you do plan on reading the book, these are excellent study guides, giving you great questions to ask and symbols to notice in complicated books.

These will help to point you in the right direction. It's also easy to find a long plot synopsis online, so you can at least get a good list of the characters and the style of the novel. Break up the reading with friends.

Forgot to read Great Gatsby over the summer and have to catch up on the last day before school starts? You're probably not alone. Get together with a group and break up the reading into sections, so you can all compare notes. Stagger the reading, so one person will read the first 50 pages, then the next person will take over and summarize the rest of the book. Who knows, if you get invested in it enough, you might just want to read it anyway.

Ask your friends to summarize their 50 assigned pages or however many it works out to be and take good notes on the section, then copy out the notes for everyone in the group. After that, each person's work will be done.

Check to see if a good movie has been made based on the book that you're reading for class. If there is one, check it out, pop some popcorn, and watch a flick instead of reading the book.

Take good notes, just as you would if you were doing homework, but it'll only take you an hour-and-a-half to "read" the whole thing.

It's still a good idea to do some research and figure out whether or not the movie is accurate. Lots of movies take serious liberties with the plot lines of books, and you'll likely miss the names of characters and other minor plot points that might get cut out of the movie but be important for the book. Good movies based on books commonly assigned for school include: These are good ways to prove you haven't read the book. Find at least one thing to say in class.

If you're struggling with having half-read an assignment and are worried about being exposed, try this time-worn trick: It should be preferably deep in the reading, many pages beyond what you've actually read. Early in the class discussion, raise your hand and ask a question, pointing specifically to the page. Everyone will think you've read it, and then you can chill out and stop participating. It's also a good idea to look for possible talking-points online before you even do the reading, so you can know what to look for and have a good idea of something to say in class.

In contrast, one third of the suspicious content that Turnitin uncovered was traced to social networks such as Facebook and question-and-answer sites where users contribute and share content. She explains how families can make college more affordable through her website TheCollegeSolution.

A decade after the Great Recession, the U. The top-paying jobs tend to cluster in two industries -- and may prove less vulnerable automation. Share Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email. Last Updated May 6, 6: In some cases, this leads to the fact children ignore the tasks of the teacher or perform them partially. Person obtains low grades, starts to lag behind the program, and pays no mind on these assignments anymore.

This is where cheating homework comes from. The tendency explains why many students learn how to cheat on homework. School children do not have a clear idea of what or how they study; they move away from the learning process and focus on getting a high grade. In order to keep the material in memory exactly before the test, students are preparing to the control and soon forget most of the learned.

This negates the main task and importance of the control works. If you think cheating makes the situation worse, you are mistaken. When preparing homework cheats, a person exercises his creative skills and works with the material. This greatly contributes to the learning process. The main arguments against cheating at school are that it is unethical, cultivates bad habits, and improperly forms self-esteem through undeserved rewards.

Such statements are far from the truth because all of them are out of context. It is not only a trick to which people resort; this is something students should do. By cheating homework, students learn how to behave in the unexpected situations, under conditions of stress and frustration.

They will need this skill in the future adult life. School repression against this approach is a fundamentally wrong way.

It should be recognized as necessary and quite logical behavior in an organization where the rights are infringed. Penalties are one of the variations of the authoritarian regime.

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How to Cheat on Homework or Online Classes Internet Search for Homework Answers, Free Help, How to Send Homework by Email, How to Cheat at Online Classes My view of homework help (homework cheating): As a tutor, I try to ask students to learn the material and . Cheating is not good, teachers said. It may be so if you don’t know how to cheat on homework so that no one suspects. Instead of copying off your fellow student’s assignment 5 minutes before the class, you may want to learn the ways to do homework easier. Your assignment contains too many questions you need to cover in details.